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Editing is available to all registered users. If you make considerable changes, please write in the summary what you changed and why.

  • Do not spam minor edits to increase your edit count.

Some detailed reference tools: Mediawiki guides on editing.


Users do not own the pages and/or files they edit. Do not undo edits made by other users just because you "disagree" with them. What is considered "disagreeing" will be determined independently when the need arises.

  • Translations are an exception, as there may be multiple ways to interpret a sentence and this can be discussed with the other editors. If you have complaints about an edit, please discuss it with the community before making any drastic changes.

Protection of Pages

Normally a page should remain unprotected and editable to everyone, unless there is considerable cause to warrant protection. Pages that can impact the basic functionality of the site or are frequent subjects of vandalism are often protected.


More detailed information at: mw:Help:Links

There are a few types of links: internal, interwiki, and external. While you can turn any domain name into a link by enclosing said link inside brackets ( [http://en.Wikipedia.org], [http://www.google.com] ), certain prefixes and formatting choices can shorten links, minimizing clutter in a page's source.

Internal Links

These are links to pages on this wiki. These can be made by using double brackets around a page's title like so:
[[Quests]], [[Expeditions]], [[Akashi's Improvement Arsenal]]
  • Consider that a link for the Quests page takes 40 characters using the single brackets format, while this internal link only takes 10.
  • If you want a certain block of text to link to a page, simply add a pipe and the text you want displayed after the link title: [[Quests|this links to the quest page]] -> this links to the quest page.

Interwiki Links

These are links to certain wiki-related sites that can be formatted like internal links, except with an appropriate prefix. The most important are links to wikipedia and mediawiki pages. These can be done like so:
[[wikipedia:PageName]], [[mediawikiwiki:PageName]]/[[mw:PageName]]

External Links

These are links to sites not covered by the wiki family. These can be links to anywhere on the web, and follow the single brackets format:
[https://www.teatrekker.com/steeping-oolong-tea], [https://www.teatrekker.com/steeping-oolong-tea Help With Making Tea]
  • Rather than using a pipe, simply add a space between the URL and the text you want to display: Steeping Tea.
  • Adding one of these links to a page will require you to answer a captcha to submit your edit.
  • Rather than using [[12.7cm Twin Gun Mount|12.7cm Twin Gun Mounts]], you can simply add additional letters after the end-brackets and those letters will still be included in the link:
    [[12.7cm Twin Gun Mount]]s -> 12.7cm Twin Gun Mounts.


Some page names are often referred to in singular and plural forms, with different capitalization, or with other qualities that make a single URL problematic. Rather than making multiple identical pages with separate titles, a redirect page can be made. When these pages are visited (usually through the entry of a URL), rather than displaying content, it will immediately direct the viewer to a different page.

  • Example: Italia is a redirect rather than a content page; upon visiting this page, the viewer is sent to Littorio.
    • These see extensive use with page titles containing multiple words; while these are nearly always capitalized, a viewer who inserts the uncapitalized words will be redirected to the page in question. akashi's improvement arsenal is an example.
    • Pluralization is another issue resolved with redirects; a viewer may enter "Blueprints" to access the respective page, which is actually titled "Blueprint".
    • Some pages, particularly kanmusu pages, have alternative names, such as the submarines. Goya redirects to I-58, as an example.

Please avoid making silly redirects (easter eggs) that users will not realistically use to access their respective pages.


More detailed information at: mw:Help:Images

The full syntax for an image:

  • Be sure to include the File prefix.
  • The extension is usually .png or .jpg for images and .ogg or .mp3 for audio.
  • There can be numerous options, each separated by pipes.
    • You can give images frames or make them into thumbnails through frame and thumb respectively.
    • Images can be resized with {width}x{height}px.
    • Horizontal alignment can be applied through left, right, center, or none.
    • Vertical alignment can be applied through baseline, sub, super, top, text-top, middle, bottom and text-middle.
    • A link can be applied through link=.
  • Text in the caption section will be displayed under an image if a frame or thumb property is present.

Here is an example of an image utilizing these properties:

[[File:22_3.png|300x400px|thumb|center|super|link=Hiei|Hiei is a fast battleship.]]
Hiei is a fast battleship.


To create a gallery of thumbnails, you use the following syntax:


Note that when using the <gallery> tag, brackets are not used to link to the file.

As an example,

File:22 3.png
File:22 3.png|Nice boat
File:22 3.png|[[Hiei]] is a fast battleship.

produces this:

  • Note that the images will still render properly without the "File:" prefix; "File:22 3.png" is equal to "22 3.png" while inside the gallery tag.


More detailed information at: mw:Help:Templates

Templates are blocks of source and formatting that can be easily invoked by placing the appropriate name within double braces (''{{TemplateName}}'').

The following templates can be used to neatly and expediently insert particular images.


Fuel{{fuel}},Ammunition{{ammo}}, Steel{{steel}}, Bauxite{{bauxite}}



Dive Bomber {{RedPlane}}, Torpedo Bomber {{BluePlane}}, Fighter {{GreenPlane}}, Reconnaissance Aircraft {{YellowPlane}}, Seaplane {{Seaplane}}, Anti-Submarine Aircraft{{ASWPlane}}


Small Caliber Main Gun{{RedGunLight}}, Intermediate Caliber Main Gun{{RedGunMedium}}, Large Caliber Main Gun{{RedGunHeavy}}, Auxiliary Gun{{YellowGun}}, Dual-purpose Gun{{GreenGunDP}}, Anti-aircraft Point-defense Weapon{{GreenGunMG}}


Torpedo-based Weapon{{TorpedoWeapon}}, RADAR{{Radar}}, Sanshiki "Beehive" Ammunition{{GreenAmmo}}, Armor Piercing Ammunition{{RedAmmo}}, Propulsion Systems{{Turbine}}, SONAR{{Sonar}}, Depth Charges{{DepthCharge}}, Emergency Repair Fairies!{{EmergencyRepair}}, Autogyro{{Autogyro}}, Armor add-on{{ArmorEquipment}}, Searchlight{{Searchlight}}, Star Shell{{StarShell}}, Landing Craft {{LandingCraft}}, Drum Canister {{Drum}}, Facility{{Facility}}, Aviation Personnel{{AviationPersonnel}}, Command Facility{{CommandFacility}}, Anti Aircraft Fire Director{{AntiAircraftFireDirector}}

Commonly Used Templates

Name Description
Under Construction This template places an infobox at the top of a page indicating that the article needs improvement and placing the article into a dedicated category, and can display which users are particularly devoted to renovating it. Use it on articles with numerous errors or fundamental shortcomings, but be mindful that it is very conspicuous.
Stub Produces an italicized line of text at the top of the page indicating that a page needs to be expanded and adds said article into a category for stubs.
Shipinfo An information box for kanmusu without any aircraft; see Mutsuki for an example. This is primarily used on individual kanmusu pages for displaying their stats. The Enemyshipinfo template is a variation without build time or slot as seen on Destroyer Princess's page.
Shipinfo2 An information box for kanmusu with aircraft; see Souryuu for an example. This is identical to Shipinfo with the addition of a column for plane capacity. There is also an individual Enemyshipinfo2 template for enemy vessels wielding planes; see Armored Carrier Princess.
Tweet Used for pages like Spring 2015 Event to display tweets and their translations.


Note:This right is restricted to certain user types.

If you come across a page with questionable or irrelevant content, feel obliged to add the {{delete}} template at the top of the page; this will place it in a category where it can be reviewed and deleted if the page is indeed useless or cannot be re-purposed.

Cases where a page may be deleted:

  • Advertising and spam. Posting random websites links doesn't contribute positively to the wiki.
  • Pages that are filled with nonsense or gibberish. There is no point in keeping such content.
  • Pages containing original research or a large bias. For example, "According to a poll I conducted among my friends, Yamato can be constructed using default construction methods." This doesn't help at all and it's personal opinion. These pages will be deleted, depending on the content. Original research may be dealt with separately, but this is up to the administrator that is on that particular issue.
  • Pages that are riddled with copyright violations. This is a particularly sensitive issue, and must be discussed before any deletions are made. Deletions of this type are up to administrators and their decisions.
  • Pages that possess content that blatantly violates Kancolle Wiki's policies (i.e. offensive language, scamming, copyright violation, etc.).
  • Useless redirects, especially when the redirect is subjective. Redirects for common misspellings and typos, however, may be acceptable. If administrators decide the redirect is acceptable, even if it is subjective, then it does not warrant a deletion.
  • Redirects left behind when moving a page between different namespaces or when renaming a file, more commonly known as "move artefacts".
  • Pages in another language. This is an English Wiki, and content must be in English.
  • Useless or duplicated categories/templates.

Cases where a page may NOT be deleted:

  • Stubs, no matter how small, could one day become a lengthy article.
  • A page that requires cleanup or renovation. These pages are just in need of attention; they do not need to be deleted. If you want to adopt an article for renovation, please say so.
  • Vandalism. Blanking pages, adding offensive material, or inserting random words should be reverted. If a page was created with this content or did not have any legitimate content to begin with, it may be deleted.
  • A page that has existed for a long period of time but has not received many edits, or none at all. This should instead be nominated for deletion.


More detailed information at: mw:Help:Extension:Cite

The basic formatting for citations is:

  • The "content" should not be left empty; otherwise you'll get an error message.

You can use a citation for multiple statements as follows:

  1. For the first citation, append
    <ref name="label">content</ref>
    • The label cannot be a number (more specifically, an integer)
  2. For each subsequent citation, use
    <ref name="label" />
    • Any instance of <ref name="label" /> without the corresponding <ref name="label">content</ref> will result in an error message.

To display your references, simply add <references /> at the bottom of the page.

Example 1
Sometimes sprites don't render properly.<ref>One more thing...</ref>

appears as: Sometimes sprites don't render properly.[1]

Example 2
Some believe this may be a bug.<ref name="update">They fixed it as of [[Game Updates|XX/XX]].</ref><br/>
Always look on the bright side of life.<br/>
It is unknown if this also affects carriers<ref name="update"/>

appears as:
Some believe this may be a bug.[2]
Always look on the bright side of life.
It is unknown if this also affects carriers[2]


  1. One more thing...
  2. 2.0 2.1 They fixed it as of XX/XX.