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Great Abyssal Circus - 1YB3H's Adventures in Wonderland

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Promo art piece of Michishio dressed up in Alice clothes for the 1YB3H's Adventures in Wonderland live event
Great Abyssal Circus - 1YB3H's Adventures in Wonderland (【深海大サーカス「不思議の国の1YB3H」) is a KanColle live event that will be taking place in the form of a circus show in the month of August during the days of August 3-4, August 10-12 with a grand total of 10 shows being done over the course mentioned days (one day show and one evening show) at the Maihama Ampitheater in the Japan Disney Land Resort Area. While details of the event are limited what is known is that this circus show will primarly be a show which will feature Fleet 1YB3H (AKA The Nishimura Fleet, Fusou, Yamashiro, Mogami, Michishio. Shigure, Yamagumo and Asagumo) all end getting trapped in a strange wonderland that takes place in the form of a circus which is being run by the Abyssal Fleet, with the leader of the circus being led by the Abyssal Chained Clown Demon (or Abyssal Misaki) who will be the first male Abyssal to appear in the ranks. A lot of the themes that have been teased in the promos showcased an "Alice in Wonderland" motif which is suspected to take place during the show.

There is also a chance some content for the game will be teased during the circus show.


Promo art piece of the Abyssal Chained Clown Demon
The cast line up for the show is mostly made up of Seiyuus and talented circus performing crews brought together for the show.

In addition, Masaki Kyomoto (京本政樹) a famous actor and musician who has appeared across many famous works including the original Kamen Rider, Ultra Man and Cutie Honey among other famous Japanese movies and done various musical works for franchise and his career.

He will be playing the role of the Abyssal Chained Clown Demon(深海磨鎖鬼) which is also cleverly named Masaki after the name of the actor himself. Little other information is known except for the following casts:

Admiral: Takahiro Mura

Kanmusu cast:
Yamashiro - Saki Fujita
Shigure - Tanibe Yumi
Michishio - Miyagawa Wakana
White Rabbit (Gambier Bay) - Uchida Shuu (August 3rd), (Akizuki) - Aoi Ozawa (August 4th), (Warspite) - Uchida Shuu (August 10th), (Mogami) - Aya Suzaki (August 11th), (Zuikaku) - Iori Nomizu (August 12th)

Abyssal Chained Clown Demon: Masaki Kyomoto

Additional Kanmusu/Abyssal Circus performancers: G-Rockets [1]


Like most shows there will be many food products and other items available to purchase over the course of the live event show. The current list includes following:


As with most items avalaible for purchase, a stand will be avalaible inside the venue once you have used your ticket to gain access to the venue area. As with most event shows. Items are in limited supply and will only be available while supplies last each day.

Michishio and Abyssal Chain Clown Demon Summer Towel
Michishio and Abyssal Chain Clown Demon T-Shirts
Michishio and Abyssal Chain Clown Mugs
1YB3H and Abyssal Chain Clown Demon Posters
Michishio, Yamashiro, and Shigure Compact Mirrors
Warspite T-Shirt
Warspite and Abyssal Chain Clown Demon KanColle Arcade Card Sets (Complete with custom design Amie Card + T-Shirt)
Gotland's Cooling Sleeping Mat
1YB3H's Adventures in Wonderland Glow Lights
Bokukawaso & Kirin Kai-II Fans
Additional Bokukawaso & Kirin Kai-II merchandise supplied by Saraio

Food and Drink

Foods and drink can be purchases at the show while supplies last. Customers will need to show proof of purchase of tickets to the show before they are allowed to purchase any food or drinks. Customers are limited to 1 Curry and 1 food per purchase and are allowed to return for more as long as supplies last.

Abyssal Red Curry (Abyssal Elite Class)
Abyssal Black Curry (Me-class twist)

  • Each curry will give you clear file of your choice consisting of:

Taste of Misfortune! Bloody Yamashiro (Adult Beverage)
Michishio's Milky Soda
Shigure in Wonderland (Adult Beverage)
Abyssal Chain Clown's Berry Juice

Show Overview

The Stage

The Maihama Amphitheater is a large circular theater area that is large enough to house a few thousand people and with a stage that while somewhat small, should be large enough to allow for various stage performance acts and various plays to be performed on.

In the back end of the stage is 3 large display screen which will likely be used for various visual effect and among other things may likely be where certain revealed content will be shown.


During the performance, all new original music made specifically for the show will be composed by Okoshi Kaori, famous for composing music for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance along with composing the songs for the Operation Sho-Go Event Part 1 and 2 and Tsukiyomi.

Revealed teasers so far:

1YB3H's Adventures in Wonderland - Prologue [2]
Masaki [3]

Most of the songs performed during the show are specificlly from Okoshi Kaori in general but along this additional music artist have been allowed to perform KanColle during the show.

The renowned Opera Singer Hirohisa Sannohe performed "Shizume" during the 3rd - 4th performance.

On the 10th - 12th, music artist Keizo Nakashini performed the Abyssal theme song "Shizume" during the half way point of the show.

Stage Performance

The stage performance was a mixture of some unique performances along with some story driven narrative performed by the Abyssal Chained Clown Demon. Which tells of a story how Michishio, Shigure, Yamashiro and up getting trapped in the Wonderland and how they ultimately escape it.

  • During the beginning the Abyssal Chain Clown Demon emerged from the depths and introduced himself to the audience. He then explained that he would be telling everyone the story about what happened to some Kanmusu that got trapped in Wonderland.
  • Story focuses on Michishio, Shigure, and Yamashiro getting lost in the Wonderland during a sortie.
  • One random Kanmusu (played bt a different seiyuu [see white rabbit roles for each day]) would end up becoming the White Rabbit for today's show. They would end up getting bunny ears.
  • Michishio would begin to chase after the white rabbit, Shigure would follow behind, but Yamashiro would be slightly behind due to being slow.
  • Most elements during the show would have an early circus vibe as there would be dancers with masks appearing off on the side if the stage performing during the sequences between the Kanmusu and the Abyssal Chain Clown Demon's narration.
  • Music performance done by Music artist following this point
  • Eventually Michishio, Shigure, and Yamashiro would end up confronting some enemy abyssals (in inline skates) consisting of some PT Imp Groups, Light Cruiser Tsu-class, and a Battleship Princess.
  • Michishio would discover a trumpet along the path, but sees it as unlucky and gives it toShigure who does a trumpet performance during the show
  • The call from the trumpet calls in Kanmusu reinforcement consisting of the Sendai-class, the Kongou-class, Destroyer Division 6, Kitakami and Ooi
  • Admiral Mura would then appears on stage in inline skates.
  • Suddenly the Night Strait Princesses appear on stage
  • A major battle between the Kanmusu and the Night Strait Princesses
  • Eventually one princess is defeated and only one remained and as the Kanmusus come in to deliver the finishing blow time stops...
  • The White Rabbit is then seen as she located the clock (which resembles a Life Bouy) and retrieves it. Everything then goes black as we see a single light shine on the Abyssal Chain Clown Demon as he states that the past present and future are now united together as one let us end this wonderland.
  • Michishio, Shigure, and Yamashiro wake up and find out they have come out from what was expected to be a dream as they realize they are no longer in wonderland.
  • End show
  • Closing song and surprise teasers are revealed (See next part for more details)

Noted Differences on August 10th's performance

Revealed Upcoming Information

August 3rd, 2019

  • The KanColle x Sasebo 130th Anniversary Collaboration was announced to be taking place on September 13th - 16th
  • KanColle Arcade has announced that the next event is planned for the Fall which will be based upon the Spring 2015 Event
  • The Summer 2019 Event will be taking place in Europe.

August 4th, 2019

  • Same as August 3rd's performance

August 10th, 2019

  • Summer event was announced to have (at least) 3 maps
  • KanColle will be doing a collaboration with Japan Airlines in relation to the Sasebo Collaboration