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Game Updates/2019/May 20th

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May 20th, 2019 Spring 2019 Event / Akagi Kai Ni

  1. The Spring 2019 Event, "Commence! Second Hawaii Relief Operation" has been released.
    • The Main Operation will consist of 3 maps
      • E-1 - Fleet Gathering Area Partol! To Hitokappu Anchorage!
      • E-2 - efense Expansion! The Nansei Island Defense Operation!
        • Enhance and expand defensive measures around the Nansei Islands area.
        • Related to the 2nd Fleet.
        • Single fleet and land-based aircraft stationed at Iwagawa Airfield (LBAS).
  2. Shipgirl changes
    • Akagi Kai Ni has been released.
    • New Shimushu-class Kaiboukan, Hachijou, has been implemented and can be obtained as a reward for clearing E-2 at any difficulty.
    • New Shimushu-class Kaiboukan, Ishigaki, has been implemented and can be obtained as a drop from the latter part of the Main Operation.
  3. Equipment changes
    • New fighter has been implemented. Reppuu Kai (A7M3J) has been implemented as E-1 Easy or higher reward.