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Game Updates/2019/March 8th

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March 8th, 2019 White Day 2019 Update

  1. White Day Furniture Update
    • New Furniture is now available in the furniture store which includes:
      • Admiral's Porthole
      • Tsushima's Wall Scroll
  2. White Day Voice Lines
  3. Cookies for Kanmusu are now available at the shop
    • You can purchase said cookies to get a few extra resources and a Mamiya
  4. New Quests
    • Two New Quests have been introduced:
      • Maintenance of the Surface Vessels' Equipment Arsenal
      • Carrier Task Force, Commence Exercises!
  5. Furniture Graphic Update
    • Naval Base Bar Counter has returned to it's normal state
    • Prototype Fleet Poster has been updated to reflect equipment update from today's equipment
  6. Equipment CG update
  7. Equipment Name Changes