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Game Updates/2019/August 8th

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August 8th, 2019 Summer Interface overhaul update

  1. Shipgirl changes
    • Yukata Mode for Furutaka, Shikinami, Ayanami, Fujinami, Asashimo, Mutsu, Kamoi, Yura, Jintsuu Kai Ni has been implemented.
    • Shaved Ice Mode has been implemented for Etorofu, Matsuwa, Commandant Teste, Gambier Bay.
    • Swimsuit Mode for USS Johnston has been implemented.
      • Johnston will also be avalaible as a drop in the upcoming event.
    • Nice Summer Lady Mode has been implemented for Yukikaze as part of "Mysterious Land of 1YB3H" real life event (KanColle circus).
    • Amphibious Assault Ship (Akitsu Maru) has had their ASW capabilities improved.
      • She can now equip Depth Charges and Depth Charge Projectors.
      • She is now capable of ASW attacks when equipped with an aircraft with ASW stat.
      • She shows additional proficiency when using equipment which can also be used to attack ground targets.
  2. System changes
    • Maximum ship slots number has been increased by 10.
    • Maximum equipment slots number has been increased by 40.
    • Maximum number of fleet presets has been increased by 2, now totaling 15.
  3. Equipment changes
  4. Akashi's Arsenal changes
  5. Quest changes
    • Five new quests:
      • 輸送船団演習
      • 陸戦用装備の艦載運用研究
      • 陸戦用装備の艦載運用実戦研究
      • 戦果拡張任務!「Z作戦」後段作戦
      • 南西諸島方面「海上警備行動」発令!
  6. Furniture changes
    • Return of the following furniture:
      • 鎮守府浜茶屋
      • 浜茶屋の仮設壁板
      • 浜茶屋の床
      • 浜茶屋の窓
      • 花火の窓
      • 業務用かき氷器
  7. UI changes
    • Shipgirl and Equipment glossaries have been separated.
    • Improvements to the Expedition screen.
    • Fixed Replenishment screen bug which caused the replenishment to be cancelled if mouse cursor left the button.
    • Secretary Ship's position on the screen can now be slightly altered.
      • Click on the left side of the screen.
      • It is an experimental feature.