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Game Updates/2018/October 26th

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October 26th, 2018 The Tanikaze D Kai Update

  1. The Naval District Saury Festival (in-game) has ended.
    • All maps that dropped Saury have been reset to thier former state.
    • All Saury quest have been removed
    • All remaining Saury that not been cooked have been removed
  2. All Saury Mode CGs remain (Due to IRL Saury Event still going strong)
  3. Some Saury Voice Lines have been removed
    • Most Saury lines pertaining to fishing have been removed
    • Some Saury Voice lines pertaining to cooking fish remain
      • This include new voice lines such as the 7th DesDiv's "Perfect Saury" lines.
  4. New Saury Mode CG
  5. Fall/Winter Uniform CG and Fall Casual CG have been implemented
  6. Halloween CG has been implemented
    • One new girl is expected to get Halloween CG in the future
  7. New Fall Related Voice Lines
  8. Funiture Update
  9. Tanikaze D Kai
    • Required level is level 70
    • No Blueprints required
    • Dev Mats and Instant Constructions will be used to remodel her
  10. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
  11. Stat Improvements
    • Members of the Des Div 17 have been given various stat buffs that include:
  12. New Quests
    • A Total of 5 new quest have been implemented which include:
      • Organize the Powerful 17th Destroyer Division
      • Reinforcement of your Air Force
      • 7th Destroyer Devision, sail through the Nansai Islands
      • Powerful 17th Destroyer Divsion, Special Training!
      • Powerful 17th Destroyer Divsion, to the north, and to the south!