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Game Updates/2018/May 15th

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  1. Spring 2018 Food Collection Mini-Event
    • Compose a special search fleet to gather food ingredients
      • Rice
      • Pickled plum
      • Seaweed
      • Tea
      • The obtainable ingredients differ depending on the map
    • Cooking
      • By combining certain quantities of ingredients, food items can be made
        • Onigiri
        • High grade onigiri
        • Chazuke
        • Seaweed rolls
      • Japanese set menu
        • Made by combining other food items
        • Locked or equipped food items cannot be used to make this item
      • Additional item rewards can be obtained when cooking
        • Houshou's Dinner Coupon
          • Can be obtained by making the Japanese set menu
          • Numbers of this item obtainable are limited for each player
    • Tips
      • Fleet composition
        • More effective with more destroyers and destroyer escorts
        • Seaplane tenders excel at searching
        • A light cruiser or training cruiser will be effective at leading the fleet
      • Equipment
        • Skilled Lookouts are effective
        • Night battle equipment that provides light is effective
        • Food items may be effective
      • Farming
        • Grinding a map too often will result in a lowered ingredient drop rate
        • It is recommended to sortie to as many maps as possible
    • Logistics Quest Chain
      • Make some onigiri!
      • A gift! High grade onigiri
      • Chazuke, for a midnight snack!
      • Make seaweed rolls!
      • Extension logistics quest
    • New equipment
    • Drops
      • Various maps will drop destroyer escorts, with higher drop rates in later worlds
      • New destroyer escort Fukae
        • Drops in multiple locations during this event
        • Will drop again later this year
  2. Remodel
  3. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
    • 61cm Triple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model
    • 61cm Quad (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model
  4. New CG
  5. BGM
    • New BGM for certain maps and battles for the 6th year of the game
  6. Other
    • Fit mechanics
      • 61cm Triple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model
      • 61cm Quad (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model
      • Improved stats when equipped on certain remodelled destroyers
    • Uzuki's increased drop rate will return to normal
    • Homeport Expansion
      • Maximum ship slots is now 370