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Game Updates/2018/March 23th

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March 23rd, 2018 Hamakaze Kai B Update

  1. End of the Winter 2018 Event
    • Presetation of the Shou-gou medal
      • Given to all players who clear E-7.
      • This medal has no special effects.
      • It will appear in the information tab.
      • It will be displayed on some desk type furniture.
  2. New Remodels
    • B Kai
      • Hamakaze B Kai
        • Level 67 remodel.
        • No blueprint necessary.
      • Isokaze B Kai
        • Level 68 remodel.
        • No blueprint necessary.
      • This remodel focuses on anti-air capability.
  3. CG
    • Removal of the "Decisive Battle" CG.
    • Implementation of the "Outing" mode CG for Oboro.
  4. Voice Lines
    • Removal of "Decisive Battle" voice lines.
    • Removal of "Operation Shou-Ichi-Gou" voice lines.
    • Implementation of "Returning" voice lines
    • Implementation of "Naval Base Tour" voice lines
    • Implemenation of "Homecoming to Sasebo Naval Base" voice lines
    • Implementation of "Off-time" voice lines
      • For Ise, Hyuuga.
      • Implementation of "Gratitude for the returned favour" (White Day) voice lines
      • For the destroyer escorts, as well as Gangut, Tashkent, Richelieu, etc.
  5. Furniture
    • New and existing Spring themed furniture
    • Spring sitting cushion new!
    • Spring themed wallpaper
    • Spring coloured floorboards
    • Remodelled cleaning set
    • Sakura Arrangement
      • The sakura buds will change based on the blooming situation!
    • Sakura floorboards
    • Sakura wallpaper
    • Musashi's hanging scroll
    • "Sasebo Naval Base" hanging scroll
    • Admiral and secretary's desk new!
      • The new desk will change slightly based on the current secretary ship!
    • Changes to the anchorage counter bar
      • Now supports the new shipgirls added in the 2018 Winter event.
      • The drink and food changes based on the secretary ship's tastes and time of day.
  6. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal has been expanded to include the following:
  7. Stat increases for Hatsushimo
    • Max armour
    • Max firepower
    • Max ASW
  8. New quests
    • 対空兵装の整備拡充
    • 改装「第十七駆逐隊」、再編始め!
      • This quest has special completion voice lines
      • The voice lines will be added to the album upon completion of this quest
    • 駆逐隊、特訓始め!
    • 精鋭駆逐隊、獅子奮迅!
      • Action report can be chosen as a reward from this quest.
  9. End of rate up for Musashi construction in LSC