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Game Updates/2018/January 1st

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Janurary 1st, 2018 Update New Years 2018 Update

  1. New Years CG
    • All Kanmuus from last year have been given new years CG along with a few additional ones
    • New ones include Yamato. Richelieu. and Warspite
  2. Akigumo mission accomplished mode
    • Akigumo's completed her doujin and has been given a new CG to reflect this
  3. New Years Voice Lines
    • New year lines have been given to all past Kanmusus
    • Newer Kanmusu have also received voice lines as well.=
  4. New Years Quests
    • There is a total of 4 new years quests implemented into the game
    • Quests will only be available till January 17th
    • Last quest is intended to challenge veteran admirals
  5. New Years Furniture
    • You will receive a new years furniture if you log into the game during new years
    • There is also one more that will be given out if you compete all the new years quest

This was a live update, please remember to refresh your browser game to see the contents.