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Game Updates/2018/December 21st

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December 21st, 2019, The Small pre-Winter Event update

  1. Server Security Update
    • Server have been updated and have had their security improved in preparation for the Winter 2019 Event
  2. Ship Capacity and Equipment Capacity update
    • The maximum ship capacity has been increased from 390 to 400 ships.
    • Equipment has been also expanded by +40 slots
      • Purchase is required
  3. KanColle Android Update
    • Kancolle Android has been updated to now include an updated menu options and UI changes.
  4. Christmas CG update
  5. Akigumo's Super Crunch Time CG
    • With Comiket drawing near, Akigumo has gotten another update for her CG as she makes her last minute preparations for her upcoming doujin.
  6. Christmas Line Update
    • Maestrale has been given a Christmas Voice Line
  7. Equipment CG update
  8. Furniture Update
    • Large Flower Decorations have now been updated for the Christmas Season.