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Game Updates/2018/April 6th

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  1. New Remodel
    • Arare Kai Ni
      • Level 63 and Blueprint is required
      • Can carry Daihatsu type equipment
        • New voice lines have been implemented
  2. Drop location increase for Uzuki
    • Uzuki will now drop in additional location all throughout the month of April.
    • Drop locations should be the same as last year
  3. Spring "Outing" mode CG
  4. Voice Lines
    • "Returning", "White Day", "Homecoming", "Sasebo Naval Base Tour" theme voice lines removed
    • Implementation of "Spring" voice lines
      • For about 30 new ships on top of those implemented previously
    • Implementation of "Naval Base Zuiun Festival" themed voice lines
  5. New Quests
    • Three new quests have been implemented (2 brand new and 1 returning)
    • Form the Elite Destroy Division 18!
    • Destroyer Division 18, onward to the Northern Water's Kis Island!
    • Large Scale Spring Training
      • Large Scale Winter Training has been removed
      • Reinforcement Expansions and Improvement materials can be obtained from these quests
  6. Furniture
    • Zuiun festival related furniture
      • “Zuiun Spirit” hanging scroll
      • “Zuiun” wall boards
      • “Zuiun” cabinet
      • Aviation Battleship Stained Glass
        • The required furniture fairies can be obtained in quests.
    • Uzuki themed furniture
      • Uzuki’s hanging scroll
      • Uzuki’s flooring
      • Uzuki’s wallpaper
      • Uzuki’s desk
      • Uzuki’s window
      • Murasame’s window
    • Changes to seasonal furniture
      • Hinoki wood hot spring bath, Rock hot spring bath
        • Sakura theme
      • Admiral's mahjong table
        • Kotatsu futon removed
      • Anchorage Counter Bar
        • Juice/Battle rations/Japanese sake
      • Cafe table set
        • Not really related to Spring
  7. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  8. Stat Parameter increases
    • The Following Stats have been improved for the following ships:
      • Asashio Kai Ni
        • LOS
      • Asashio Kai Ni D
        • Firepower max, AA max
      • Kasumi Kai Ni
        • Armour max, Firepower max
      • Kasumi Kai Ni B
        • Firepower max, AA max, LOS
      • Asashimo Kai
        • Armour max, Firepower max, Luck max
      • Takanami Kai
        • Firepower max, LOS
  9. Ship Mechaincs