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Game Updates/2018/April 23rd

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  1. 5th Anniversary
    • New Quests
      • These quests are available until the latter half of May
      • 5th Anniversary quest (One: Construction)
      • 5th Anniversary quest (Two: World 1 Sortie)
      • 5th Anniversary quest (Three: Modernisation)
      • 5th Anniversary quest (Four: Exercises)
      • 5th Anniversary quest (Five: 5th Anniversary Sortie!)
        • Samuel B. Roberts can be obtained after completing all the quests.
        • A destroyer escort can be obtained from Quest 2.
        • The "5th Anniversary" Hanging Scroll can be obtained from the quests
          • Comes with a special voice line by the shipgirl who made it.
        • Reinforcement Expansions, Furniture Fairies, Action Reports, etc. can be obtained.
    • Voice Lines
      • Over 100 ships received "5th Anniversary" themed voice lines.
  2. Server transfer
    • The server transfer request form can be found by clicking the red button between the "information" and "album" tabs
      • The servers eligible for transfer depend on the player's level.
      • The server transfer request is processed by lottery.
        • There is a survey on the transfer request, but the answer does not affect the lottery results.
      • The server transfer should be completed by Summer, if successful.
  3. Remodel
  4. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  5. CG
  6. Voice Lines
    • Spring themed voice lines ended.
      • Some Spring themed voice lines still remain
    • Zuiun Festival themed voice lines will continue.