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Game Updates/2017/May 2nd

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May 2nd, 2017 The Spring 2017 Event Update

  1. Spring related quests will come to an end.
  2. The following maps for the Spring 2017 Event have been released:
    • E-1: Sortie! Ōminato Guard District
    • E-2: Fleet, Assemble! To the Hitokappu Anchorage
    • E-3: Fleet, Head out! Reinforce the Northern Defence Line!
  3. From E-2 onwards, it is possible to acquire the Destroyer Escort / Coastal Defence Ship (DE) Kunashiri as a drop. Also, from E-3 onwards (which requires use of a Combined Fleet), it is possible to acquire the DE Shimushu and the Supply Vessel (AO) Kamoi. The latter can be remodeled into a Seaplane Tender (AV), and does not require use of a Blueprint in order to do so.
  4. Upon clearing E-3, Admirals will be rewarded with the Converted Merchant Aircraft Carrier Kasuga Maru. She starts off as a very weak aircraft carrier, but can eventually be remodeled into a more powerful carrier with her own distinctive strengths.
    • Her final remodel requires a Prototype Catapult, which can be obtained from the latter half of this event.