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Game Updates/2017/March 4th

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March 4th 2016 White Day Live Update

  1. New Furniture
    • White Day Furniture has been implemented which includes the following items:
    • Cookie Wallpaper new!
    • Cookie Floor new!
    • Admrial's Cookie Kitchen
    • Admiral's Dining Table
    • Return Gift Wallpaper new!
  2. White Day Voice Lines
    • Many Kanmusu have returned with White Day Voice Lines.
    • A few new Kanmusu have been given White Day Voice Lines as well.
  3. Cookies for Kanmusus have returned for purchase
    • White Day exclusive item,Cookies for Kanmusu has returned for purchase at the premium shop.
      • Provides a Mamiya, 314 Steel, 314 Bauxite, and 2 Improvement Material
      • Devs have stated it's not necessary to purchase this.