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Game Updates/2017/February 28

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February 28, 2017 End of Winter 2017 Event Update / Zara K2 Update

  1. The Winter 2017 Event has ended.
  2. Zara has received her second remodel (Due).
    • This remodel will require a Blueprint.
    • Some new voice lines are included with this second remodel.
    • The second remodel is noted to have "heavy armour" and "high firepower", which will be advantageous during day battles.
    • Her main guns are now upgradeable.
    • An aircraft hangar has also been added (presumably implying that she has an increased capacity for aircraft).
    • Lastly, you will be able to obtain a new bulge by completing a quest involving Zara's new remodel.
  3. New Quests: A total of six new quests, including Spring Quarterly/Seasonal Quests and a quest related to Zara's new remodel, have been added.
    • Hishimochi and Reinforcement Expansion Slot(s) will also be obtainable from these new quests.
    • Spring Preparation Mission: Hina Matsuri Preparations!
    • Spring Preparation Mission: Carry out the Hina Matsuri Preparations!
    • Submarine Fleet, Carry out and Patrol the Central Waters!
    • Heavy Armored Curiser, Embark into the Iron Bottom Strait!
    • Strengthening Of Submarine Armaments
    • Organize the Seiran 631 Air Group!
    • As always, certain prerequisite quests may need to be completed in order to trigger these new quests.
  4. Updates to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal:
  5. The craft rate for the Type 93 SONAR has been increased.
    • Any ship from a torpedo squadron (CLs or DDs) must be the secretary ship while crafting.
    • A recipe for sonars must be used while crafting.
    • No changes have been made to the recipes for sonars themselves.
  6. New (& Seasonal) Furniture:
    • Yayoi's Wallpaper new!
    • Green Japanese Wallpaper
    • Spring Coloured Wallpaper
    • Pink Concrete Wall
    • Futon and Pillow
    • Remodelling Cleaning Set
    • "First Spring" Hanging Scroll
    • Yayoi's Window
    • Peach Festival Window
    • Doodle Floor
    • Battleship Tile Floor
    • Kanmusu Cushion Floor
    • Yayoi's Arrangement new!
    • Mogami Ship Model on Chested Drawers
    • Hina Dolls of Nagato and Mutsu
    • Gorgeous Four Floor Hina Doll Set
  7. Updates to the Anchorage Counter Bar:
    • The Anchorage Counter Bar has been updated for the new season (Hinamatsuri / Peach Festival).
      • The Bar has been updated to change based on the new ships from the latest event as well.
      • The standard contents for the Bar will also show up where applicable.
      • Said contents will also change according to the time of the day.
    • An explanation for new players:
      • The Anchorage Counter Bar is a special piece of furniture that changes what it displays (food and drinks) according to which ship is currently your secretary ship.
      • Aside from Furniture Coins, a Furniture Fairy is also required to obtain this piece of furniture.
      • You can obtain a Furniture Fairy from the new Spring Quarterly/Seasonal Quests.
  8. Updates to the Jukebox:
    • New music has been added to the Jukebox.
    • The price (in Furniture Coins) for selecting new music from the Jukebox has been reduced.
    • Also, the order of displaying the choices for music has been updated, and the seasonal BGM (e.g. Peach Festival with Kanmusu for the current season) will be displayed first.
  9. End of seasonal content:
    • Winter / Setsubun / Valentine's seasonal content has come to an end, and the corresponding CGs and voice lines have been removed.
      • CGs have been added to the Encyclopaedia.
  10. Updates to plane graphics and sprites:
  11. New voice lines & CG for Hinamatsuri / Peach Festival 2017:
    • Aside from the recurring voice lines from the previous years, Amatsukaze, Taigei (including Ryuuhou), Commandant Teste, and Yamakaze have received new voice lines.
    • Mizuho and Commandant Teste have also received new CGs for this season / event.
    • Ushio and Ushio Kai Ni have both received new CGs for this season / event as well.
    • Yamakaze has received a new CG corresponding to this season / event too.