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Game Updates/2017/February 11

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February 11, 2017 Winter 2017 Event Update

  1. The Winter 2017 Event is has begun!
    • Only the first two maps will be available tonight; the final map will be implemented tomorrow (February 12th).
      • E-1: Preparation for Operation Hikari
      • E-2: Strengthening the Patrol Line in Ogasawara Islands
    • The Yuugumo-class DD Fujinami will be obtainable from map E-2.
    • The Kamikaze-class DD Matsukaze will be obtainable as a reward for completing map E-2.
  2. Valentine's Day Content
    • Oboro, Minazuki, and Takanami have received new Valentine's Day CGs.
    • The previous years' Valentine's Day CGs will also return as a part of this update.
  3. New furniture
    • Kisaragi Wallpaper new!
    • Kisaragi Window new!
    • Submarines' Drawer new!
      • This piece of furniture can be obtained as a part of clearing the event maps.