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Game Updates/2017/August 10th

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  1. The Summer 2017 Event has begun.
  2. 4 Main Operation maps have been released:
    • 第一作戦海域:再打通作戦発動
    • 第二作戦海域:リランカを越えて
    • 第三作戦海域:ステビア海の先へ
    • 第四作戦海域:遥かなるスエズ
    • The EO maps are expected to be released at 0200 JST, 12th August 2017.
  3. The new Special Type II Destroyers Sagiri and Amagiri are obtainable from some of these maps.
  4. Also, completing E-2 will reward players with the new Kamikaze-class Destroyer Hatakaze.
  5. Completing E-4 will reward players with the new French Battleship Richelieu.