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Game Updates/2016/September 16

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August 31, 2016 September 16, 2016 October 5, 2016

September 16th, 2016 Brand New KanMusu Addition

  1. New Special Type Destroyer Uranami
    • A new Special-Type Destroyer (Fubuki/Ayanami Class destroyer) will be available as a drop in the regular maps.
    • Idle and resupply lines will change upon Kai, and she will have time notifications upon Kai.
  2. Uranami's drop locations
  3. New Quests
    • A new series of quests have been implemented which include:
      • Forming the 19th Destroyer Division
      • Sortie the 19th Destroyer Division
      • 19th Destroyer Division, engage the enemy flagship!
      • Production of Custom Furniture
      • Production of Maritime Resupplies
  4. Yukata Mode
  5. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  6. UI fixes
    • Notifications in the quest section have been adjusted so that text such as the "50% marker" no longer obstructs quest descriptions.
  7. Seasonal Furniture Changes
    • Cypress Bath and Spring Rock Bath have received graphical changes for the fall season.
  8. Security and small fixes
    • Security has been improved to better detect use of macros and bots.
    • I-26 Voice line for her 20:00 time notification has been fixed.
  9. Shortland Server Expansion
    • Shortland is currently undergoing a server expansion which is planned to be completed in time for the Naval Base Saury Feastival