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Game Updates/2016/November 4

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October 21, 2016 November 4, 2016 November 18, 2016

November 4th, 2016 Kinu Kai Ni Update

  1. The Naval District Saury Festival has ended.
  2. Kinu has received a Kai Ni remodel
    • Requires a fairly high level (Level 75)
    • Blueprint required
    • She will receive a new secretary line as well as other voice lines
  3. Extra Kinu Kai Ni info
    • She can carry Daihatsu Landing Craft
    • She can gain her bonus resources during expeditions on her own.
    • She cannot use a midget sub
    • She has a special Anti-Air setup that allows her to execute Anti-Air Cut-Ins
  4. A total of 6 new quests have been implemented
    • Form the 16th Squadron (3rd Gen)
    • Reinforce the Nansei Islands Defense Line
    • Sortie the Elite 16 Squadron
    • In addition, Kinu Kai Ni will have a quest to obtain the new Toku Daihatsu
  5. Two new additions to Akashi's Arsenal
    • 25mm Concentrated Deployment
    • Toku Daihatsu
    • Maya Kai Ni, Kinu Kai Ni and Akitsumaru are added as upgrade partner ships
  6. Changed the maximum possible luck (via modernisation) of the following ships:
    • Naka Kai Ni
    • Ushio Kai Ni
    • Ayanami Kai Ni
    • Isokaze Kai
    • Hatsuzuki Kai
  7. Nagara Kai and Natori Kai have new voice lines
    • Supply and Idle lines have been added
  8. Updates to the changing room furniture, added more ship girls that the furniture will change to suit
    • Nagara-class
    • Yuugumo-class+α
    • Seaplane Tender
    • Medium Size and Small Italian Ship Girls
  9. Furniture seasonal update
    • Cypress Hot Spring Bath and Onsen Bath will have autumn leaves
    • The bar will return to normal
  10. New and returning furniture
    • Admiral's Cushion (New)
    • Bright Red Carpet
    • Onsen Bath (Autumn Leaves Mode)
    • Radio Window (New)
    • Admiral's Writing Desk (New)
    • Naval Base Hearth (New)
    • Mastercrafted Radio Window (New)
      • Radio furniture allows for convenient switching back to the default naval base music
  11. Autumn CGs have been removed
    • Yukata
    • Happi
    • Saury Festival
    • Fishing Mode
      • The Taste of Autumn CGs will remain
      • All CGs can be found in the Encyclopedia
  12. New "Late Autumn" voice lines have been added
    • New "Autumn of Wine" voice lines have also been added