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Game Updates/2016/June 30

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June 22, 2016 June 30, 2016 July 15, 2016

June 30th, 2016 The Asashio Kai Ni update

  1. New Remodels for Asashio
    • The Lead flagship of Destroyer Division 8, Asashio, has been given a Kai Ni and a Kai Ni D remodel.
    • Blueprint is not required for either.
    • Additional lines and dialogue for home base and combat will be added
    • She will not be able to use equipment such as the Daihatsu and Type 2 Ka-Mi Tank until she's upgraded to Kai Ni Type D.
  2. New Equipment
    There is no need to go out of your way to equip the new fighter.
  3. New Quests
    • Multiple new quests, such as Early Summer Reorganization, have been impletemented.
    • All quests have certain triggers.
    • Early Summer Reorganization is only available until the start of Summer Event. It's possible to obtain new seasonal furniture with the completion of the quest.
    • In addition, 8 new quests have bee added, including the following:
    • "31st Squadron" Suppress the Enemy Submarines!
    • Reform the New "8th Destroyer Division"!
    • Elite Forces! First Mini-Squadron of 8th Destroyer Division!
    • Massive Produce Autocannons
    • Encounter Battle at Okinoshima Island
    • New quests that are repeatable every 3 months (Seasonal) are implemented.
  4. New and Revival of Furnitures
  5. New Improvement Menu at Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  6. New Development Menu
  7. Increase of Stats to Certain Destroyers
  8. Buffs to Certain Ships
    • Isuzu Kai Ni now has preemptive ASW.
    • Iowa and her upgrade have better gun-fitting.
    • Isokaze Kai has her maximum luck, etc, adjusted upwards.
  9. Other Adjustments
    • Better text display for ship list (browser version)
    • Better Stability for Android version
    • Updated Equipment Images for Zero Fighter Type 21 (Skilled)
    • Faster Tempo for Depth Charge ASW Attacks
  10. Preemptive ASW Depth Charge Attacks
    • Other than Isuzu Kai Ni, all ships with exceptionally high ASW stats or ships with equipment that can detect enemy submarines can perform preemptive depth charge attacks even against skilled enemy submarines.
  11. Prerelease of Early Summer Voices
    • A number of Mutsuki-class ships and one additional ship have been given newly recorded early summer voices!