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Game Updates/2016/April 22

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April 1, 2016 April 22, 2016 May 3, 2016

April 22nd 2016 The 3rd Anniversary Update

  1. Kawakaze Kai Ni
    • Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer Kawakaze can now be remodeled into a Kai Ni.
    • She will be capable of using Daihatsu landing gear.
    • She will require a fairly high level to be upgraded and will not need a blue print.
  2. End of Coming of Spring Voice Lines
  3. Third Anniversary Voice Lines
    • 150 Kanmusus will be given limited time third anniversary voices until the Spring Event.
  4. Limited Time Third Anniversary Wall Scroll
    • A new wall scroll will be given to admirals who complete a mission during the third anniversary update.
    • In addition, a gift box will be given to all admirals.
  5. New Missions
    • New missions have been implemented for the third anniversary which will include:
      • The Third Anniversary Fleet
      • First Carrier Division, to the West!
      • Organize a high speed transport fleet
      • High speed transport fleet, Sortie!
      • Preparations for new equipment
      • Procedures for new equipment for the Landing force Operation
  6. Kawakaze Limited Time Drop
    • Kawakaze will be available for a limited time at 2-5.
    • Akashi and Uzuki will remain available till the next update.
  7. Akashi Improvement Arsenal Update
  8. Ise and Hyuuga Kai improvements
    • Ise Kai and Hyuuga Kai get a buff in their max FP, Max AA, and LoS buff
  9. Mogami, Mikuma, Kumano and Suzuya stats improvements
    • Mogami Kai gets a max AA and plane slot buff
    • Mikuma kai gets max FP and plane slot buff
    • Suzuya and Kumano gets max armor, plane slot buff
  10. Stat buff to Akagi and Zara
    • Akagi gets a max FP buff
    • Zara Kai gets a max Armor buff
  11. New BGM
    • The Kanmusu picture book dictionary will now play the BGM "Encounter", but the equipment section still play the old bgm. (Possible bug?)
  12. Third Anniversary CG Art