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Game Updates/2015/September 7th

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September 7th 2015 The Autumn Yukata Update

See Seasonal/Autumn 2015 Season Update for CG art and voices.

  1. The Summer 2015 Event has come to a close. All event maps and ship locking mechanics have been removed.
  2. Summer CG art has been removed and filed into the ship-dex.
  3. Fall-themed yukata CG art has been given to Hamakaze, Jintsuu kai ni, Kawakaze, Mizuho, Nagara, Natori, Oboro, and Urakaze.
  4. Fall voices will be given to 40+ kanmusu.
  5. Two new songs have been implemented; these include "Autumn Festival at the Naval Base" and an arrangement of "Kaga Cape" in honor of the launching of the new JSDF helicopter destoyer, Kaga.
    • You can select these songs from the jukebox.
    • Some furniture will activate the song when selected.
  6. Fall Furniture has now replaced the summer furniture with the following items:
    • Saury Pike Table
    • Paper Crane Wallpaper
    • Foliage Wallpaper
    • Autumn themed Window
    • Moon-Viewing Window
    • Pink Wallpaper
    • Fairy Tale Shelf
    • Simple Autumn themed Wallpaper
    • Pink Floor
    • Pure White Fluffy Carpet
    • Classroom Set (Desk)
    • Luxurious Moon Viewing Window
  7. New furniture has been added:
    • Autumn Festival Naval Base Shooting Rink
    • Autumn Festival Naval Base Stalls
    • Kaga Model on Paulownia Chested Drawers
    • Rabaul Base Scroll
    • Buin Base Scroll
  8. Three new quests have been implemented:
    • Elite Fleet Naval Practice
    • Strength the Anti-Submarine Patrol along the naval base front!
    • Carrier Task Force, set sail to the Northern Seas!
  9. Mizuho's stats have been revised. She has been changed into a slow ship and has increased Line of Sight and Luck.
  10. Teruzuki can now upgrade 10cm Twin High-angle Mount + Anti-Aircraft Fire Directors through Akashi's Improvement Arsenal.
  11. Zuihou kai , Tanikaze kai , and Hamakaze kai have been given new voice lines for when they encounter resource nodes.
  12. Additional bot and security measures have been implemented across servers that have been experiencing heavy loading times.