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Game Updates/2015/May 29th

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May 29th, 2015 Update (The Akatsuki Kai Ni Update)

237 Akatsuki kai.png Murasame Kai Rainy.pngShouhou Rainy.png

  1. Akatsuki Kai Ni Upgrade
    • The remodel for Special Type 3 Destroyer Akatsuki Kai Ni has been implemented. She will require a rather high level to be upgraded. No blueprints are required!
  2. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Update
  3. New Searchlight
    • The new large searchlight, Type 96 150cm Searchlight, has been implemented; it can only be equipped by battleships but has higher effect in night battles compared to the already existing searchlight.
  4. New quests
  5. Rainy Season CG Update for Shouhou
    • The raining season continues, and Shouhou receives a rainy season time-limited CG wearing a kimono.
  6. Rainy Season CG Update for Murasame
    • In addition to Shouhou, Murasame Kai will also receive a CG update for the rainy season for a limited time. The rainy season time-limited CG for all ships will last until late June.
  7. User Interface Update
    • The user interface has been improved to allow equipment filtering based on improvement arsenal upgrades!
  8. Equipment Filtering
    • Equipment can be now filtered in the following order when changing equipment
      • 0: Normal
      • 1: Fighter plane
      • 2: Dive and torpedo bombers
      • 3: All other planes
      • 4: Main guns
      • 5: Secondary and anti-air guns
      • 6: Torpedo (including mini-sub)
      • 7: Anti-submarine equipment
      • 8: Other equipment
      • 9: Sort by improvement level (descending)
      • 10: Sort by improvement level (ascending)
  9. Misc changes
    • Searchlight effect adjusted/added
    • Improvement Arsenal's assistant ship display adjusted
    • New pages added to the Collection