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Game Updates/2015/July 31st

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Tatsuta's Summer Art
Tatsuta's Summer Damaged Art
Amagi Kai's damaged art

July 31st, 2015 Small Pre-Event Maintenance + Update

Maintenance was performed without the servers being shut down. Updates include:

  1. New CG for Amagi Kai
    • Amagi Kai now has an updated damaged CG.
  2. CL Tatsuta Summer CG Implemented
    • CL Tatsuta now has her summer CG implemented.
    • All summer CG will last until late August.
  3. Fusou Sisters' Summer Voice Implemented
    • Fusou-class BBs, Fusou and Yamashiro, have their summer voices implemented. Please take care of them in the middle of summer too!
  4. Верный Parameter Updated
    • Верный now has increased +3 max Armor.
  5. Agano-class CL Parameters Updated
  6. Enhanced Anti-Air Capability for Isuzu Kai Ni
    • Equipping the remodeled CL Isuzu Kai Ni with an Autocannon, a High-Angle Gun, and an Air RADAR will allow her to perform anti-air cut-ins without a fire director (like the Type 91 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director).
  7. Hashirajima Server Expansion + System Update
    • Capacity for the Hashirajima server has been expanded. Systems are maintained and updated.