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Game Updates/2015/July 17th

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Abukuma Kai Ni‎
Damaged Art
  1. 40 kanmusu have new summer voices; some of the early summer voices have been removed, but not all of them.
  2. Abukuma can be remodeled to Kai Ni at level 75; she requires a blueprint.
  3. The ship slot capacity has been raised to 260 and equipment slots have been raised to 1,140.
  4. Akashi, Littorio (And Italia), Tenryuu, Shigure Kai NI, and Yuudachi Kai Ni have new summer CG.
  5. Asashio, Michishio, and Ooshio now have new idle lines when you marry them.
  6. Type 32 Surface RADARs can now be improved into Type 32 Surface RADAR Kai.
  7. Fleet composition to reach the boss of World 3-2 has changed slightly. 1 CL can be added as the flagship (rest still being DDs).
  8. New furniture
    • Beach Tea Cafe
    • Shaved Ice Machine
    • Ice Fleet Flag
    • Beach Tea Shop Floor
    • Beach Tea Shop Wallpaper
    • Beach Tea Shop Window
  9. Returning Furniture
    • Firework Window
    • Resort Set
  10. New BGM: "Kanmusu on the Beach Side" and "Kaga Cape."
    • The limited-time summer BGM "Kaga Cape" is a new song sung by Kaga (Yuka Iguchi) herself, and can be accessed through the juke-box or by going to the world 4-4 boss node.
  11. New Quests (These quests will appear by completing other quests)
    • [First Torpedo Squadron] prepare for deployment to the Northern Sea!
    • [First Torpedo Squadron] complete Plan-K!
    • [First Torpedo Squadron] prepare for deployment to the Northern Sea (2nd Time)!
    • [First Torpedo Squadron] complete Plan-K (2nd Time)!
    • [First Torpedo Squadron] train for deployment to the Northern Sea (3rd Time)!
  12. BOT/Macro detection has been improved.

See here for the new voices and artwork.