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Game Updates/2015/January 1st

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Live Update

Art new year 2015.jpg

  1. New CGs for New Year's
  2. New Furniture
    • Admirals who log-in between the 1st of January and the morning of 4th of January will receive new furniture:
      • 新春掛け軸二〇一五 2015 New Year's Hanging Scroll
      • 門松 Kadomatsu - New Year's Pine Decoration
  3. New Year's voiced lines (30 ships, grouped by voice actress)
    • Prinz Eugen, Nowaki, Akizuki
    • Mamiya, Irako, Asagumo, Yamagumo
    • Ise, Hyuuga, Furutaka, Kako, Ooi, Kitakami
    • Hiryuu, Souryuu, Fubuki, Hatsuyuki, Murakumo
    • Hatsuharu, Nenohi, Wakaba, Hatsushimo
    • Sazanami, Akebono, Oboro, Ushio
    • Yura, Shigure, Murasame, Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi
    • Zuihou, Hamakaze, Tanikaze, Urakaze
    • Nagato
    • Bismarck
    • Ooyodo
    • End of Year voices removed