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Game Updates/2015/April 10th

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  1. New Remodels
    • Murakumo Kai Ni
      • Remodel at Level 70
      • 250 Ammunition 210 Steel
      • No blueprint required
      • New lines, including a new wedding line
  2. New Items
    • 【司令部要員】"Headquarters Personnel"
      • Increases the number of missions one can do at the same time
      • Will be a mission reward for a certain mission
  3. New BGM
    • 『新編「海上護衛隊」抜錨!』'Newly formed "Surface Escort Fleet", sortie!'
  4. New Maps
    • World 1-6 (Extra Operation)
      • 「鎮守府近海航路」
        • Submarine and carrier-based map
          • Requires a fleet with high ASW and AA
          • BB, FBB, CLT, CV, etc. cannot be used
        • Lots of resources can be obtained here
        • Can be unlocked upon clearing 1-5, every month
        • Enemies, compositions and resource drops are subject to change
      • ?? boss kills
      • Gives a Present Box instead of a medal
  5. New Quests
    • 『観艦式予行を実施せよ!』 "Implement the Naval Review rehearsal!"
    • 『観艦式を敢行せよ!』 "Do the Naval Review!"
    • PVP Quests
    • 『演習を強化、艦隊の練度向上に努めよ!』"Strengthen the practice battles, increase the fleet's experience!"
  6. New voices and other updates
    • New voices for Murakumo, for resupply and equipment
    • Hourlies for Murakumo Kai
    • Updates to the display systems
      • Updated the information displayed for battle results, inventory, etc.
      • Upgraded the anti-BOT/Macro systems