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Game Updates/2014/May 9th

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  1. Spring Event end
  2. Myoukou Kai, Nachi Kai and Haguro Kai received new quote and wedding lines
  3. Myoukou Kai received hourly quotes
  4. Kuma Kai and Tama Kai received new quote lines
  5. Uzuki drop rate was reverted back to normal, she no longer drops from early maps
  6. New Furniture added:
    • Japanese iris cabinet
    • First anniversary scroll (free)
    • Exercise map planner (1 fairy required)
  7. Old Furniture resurrected:
    • Green wallpaper
    • Concrete wall
    • Admiral desk
    • Side drawer
    • Nagato model
    • Kongou tea set table (1 fairy required)
    • Teru-teru bozu window (1 fairy required)
  8. Minor UI fixes
    • Remove equipment icon now is easier to click
    • When purchasing items sometimes the thumbnail wouldn't load