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Game Updates/2014/January 8th

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1. Christmas 2013 Event ends

2. Regarding expedition with Mist ships...

  • Expeditions sent out with Mist ships in them will be treated as they have never been sent out (no resource consumption, no fatigue)

3. Regarding Equipment...

  • All equipment on mist ships will be removed automatically (you don't lose them).

4. Commemorative Furniture

  • A commemorative furniture will be distributed to admirals who had at least one mist ship left at the end of the event. The item will be distributed from 21:00 JST, upon login.

5. Other event-related updates

  • Submarines in 1-4 will be removed, and the 88 resource set in the item shop will no longer be sold.

6. Additional furnitures

  • Simple Japanese Wallpaper
  • Spring Wallpaper
  • Exorcist arrow window (paid)
  • Green Planter (recurring item)
  • A new wall-scroll to commemorate 1.5 million users will be available for free in the furniture store.

7. Large Ship Construction

  • Direct link from the LSC screen to the item shop will be removed.

8. Servers

  • Fixed display errors in the Kasatoka server.

9. New voices

  • Nagato kai: supply, display, secretary x2
  • Mutsuki kai: supply, display
  • Kisaragi kai: supply, display
  • Kiso kai-2: supply, display, secretary x2

10. Idle lines

  • Default option for idle lines has been changed to "on".