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Game Updates/2014/January 29th

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  1. Hibiki received additional quote lines (idle, resource replenishment) and hourly notifications
  2. Mochizuki received additional quote lines (idle, resource replenishment).
  3. I-8 can now be constructed (normal construction). Even though she's a rare sub, it can be constructed using normal submarine recipes.
  4. Fixed graphics for Ushio and Ooshio.
  5. 2 new destroyers Yayoi and Uzuki. Yayoi drops in Worlds 2 to 5, while Uzuki drops at boss nodes of Worlds 3 to 5. Yayoi can also be obtained through normal construction. (Note: It might be possible to construct Uzuki, but the staff is fixing this i.e. it's not supposed to happen.)
  6. 6 new quests, including new weekly quests.