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Game Updates/2014/February 26th

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  1. New map (5-4) "Tokyo Express" implemented.
  2. Jintsuu receives her second remodel at level 60. Jintsuu kai ni comes with a searchlight.
  3. New graphics for Hiyou Kai.
  4. New equipment: drum canisters and searchlights.
  5. Kongou Kai Ni and Hiei Kai Ni have lower fuel and ammo consumption (Decreased to 100/125). Kitakami Kai Ni and Ooi Kai Ni have increased ammo consumption (Increased to 75). Agano-class ships have reduced ammo and fuel consumption.
  6. New BGM for 5-4 (『二水戦の航跡』 for normal nodes, 『次発装填、再突入!』 for the boss node).
  7. Jintsuu Kai, Ryuujou Kai, Shikinami Kai get new resupply and idle quotes. Jintsuu Kai Ni gets new quotes.
  8. Type 62 zero fighter-bombers and drum canisters are now craftable. Drum canisters may also be obtained from quests.
  9. 3 new expeditions have been introduced. Expeditions 25 and 36 now give higher rewards.
  10. Sonars have increased effectiveness. Using sonars together with depth charges give increased accuracy and damage against submarines.
  11. 2 new furniture introduced to celebrate Hina Matsuri (Hina doll festival aka Little girl's festival).