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Game Updates/2014/February 14th

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  1. Akatsuki-class (Akatsuki, Inazuma & Ikazuchi) receive additional lines.
  2. Uzuki Kai has a new portrait when moderately damaged.
  3. Special chocolate gift available upon log in from 14/2 to 16/2. The gift can be opened from the inventory and contains 700 fuel, 700 ammunition, 700 steel and 1500 bauxite.
  4. New Feature: marriage.
    • Marriage will increase a ship's level to 100, its health and luck slightly, and its level cap to 150.
    • Supply costs for the ship decrease by 15%. Complete the related quests (The ones with 式の準備 in the quest title) to receive one set of marriage documents and a ring for free. Additional rings will cost 700 yen each in the item shop. Additionally, married ships will have a new voice line when you click on her in the harbor.
  5. New furniture added. Some are hidden and only obtainable through quests.