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Game Updates/2013/December 24th

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One of the new "fog fleet" vessels.

Normal maintenance time (0230-1100 JST)

See here for seasonal voice lines and CG.

  1. Christmas 2013 Event commences
    • New sortie quest added to obtain Iona and unlock event maps
  2. 4 new ships added: I-401 (as Iona during Christmas 2013 event), Akitsu Maru, Maruyu, and Taihou.
  3. Large ship construction (LSC) feature implemented.
  4. Nagato, Kiso, and Naka get special Christmas voice lines. In addition, Naka gets special Christmas sprite
  5. Maximum dock space increased +10 (from 170 to 180)
  6. New glossary page added for ship no. 151-200
  7. New Christmas furniture added, delivered after login between 24-25 December 2013

Additional online maintenance (1430-1730 JST)

  1. Enemy submarine added in map 1-4
  2. Bug fix in glossary display