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The Docking (repair) menu is where you take your kanmusu to be repaired after they have taken damaged. Repairing a kanmusu will restore your ships to full health, at the expense of time, fuel and steel.

Repair Menu Options

Repair Menu and all the available options

Repairing a ship is important to help recover thier HP as they will be unable to heal up after taking damage from battle and the only ways it can be done if if you either take them to the repair docks or have Akashi (with certain limitations, See here for details.) to repair your ship's HP.

Players who start the game will have only 2 repair slots. Which they can place a ship in to repair. You can purchase additional slots by purchasing DMM points to buy dock expansion keys in the shop to give yourself a 3rd and 4th slot if needed.

To repair a ship you will need to find an unoccupied slot to click on and then select the kanmusu you wish to repair. Kanmusu will be ordered based upon most damaged to least damaged by default.

Once you select the kanmusu you want to repair you will get a confirmation window which will show the fuel and steel which will be consumed and how long it'll take to repair them. There will also be a slider available if you wish to use an instant repair to repair your kanmusu instantly.

If you choose to confirm your kanmusu for repair, you simply pretty the button at the bottom and they will begin the repair process.

  • While a ship is being repaired in the docks:
    • You cannot cancel that repair (you must wait the full duration or use an Instant Repair to vacate that dock slot)
    • You cannot modify equipments, modernize the ship, or remodel the ship.
  • If a ship ends repair with 39 morale or less, it will be set to 40. This includes repairs ended by using Instant Repair.
  • You can shave off the last minute of repair time by switching to the docking screen when a ship has less than one minute of repair time to go.
  • You can also use buckets to instantly finish repairs use the green button (shown to the right) or activate the slider on the repair confirmation window.

Repair time

Confirmation window for repairs

[math]\text {Total repair time} = \text {HP loss} \times \text {base repair time} \times \text {ship type multiplier} + \text {30 seconds}[/math]

[math]\text {Base repair time} = \begin{align*} \left\{ \begin{array}{l l} \text {Level} \times 10 & \text {if Level } \le \text {11} \\ \text {Level} \times 5 + \lfloor (\sqrt {Level - 11})\rfloor \times 10 + 50 & \text {if Level } \ge \text {12} \end{array} \right\} \end{align*}[/math]

Ship Type Multiplier
Battleships, Aviation Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Repair Ships 2
Heavy Cruisers, Aviation Cruisers, Fast Battleships, Light Aircraft Carriers, Submarine Tenders 1.5
Light Cruisers, Destroyers, Submarine Aircraft Carriers, Seaplane Tenders, Amphibious Assault Ships, Torpedo Cruisers 1
Submarines, Destroyer Escorts 0.5

Repair cost

[math]\text {Fuel cost} = \lfloor(\text {Base fuel cost} \times \text {HP loss} \times 0.032)\rfloor[/math]
[math]\text {Steel cost} = \lfloor(\text {Base fuel cost} \times \text {HP loss} \times 0.06)\rfloor[/math]

where base fuel cost is the amount of fuel needed to resupply that ship from 0 to full.
The cost is rounded down when using dry docks, so most destroyers and submarines with only 1 HP loss can be repaired for free.
The cost is not affected by the level of the ship.

Ship Repair Cost per HP
(assuming max remodel level)
Type Class Cost
Fuel Steel
Destroyers Shimakaze
0.64 1.2
Others 0.48 0.9
Light Cruisers Ooyodo 1.12 2.1
Agano-class 0.96 1.8
Others 0.8 1.5
Torpedo Cruisers (all) 0.8 1.5
Heavy Cruisers Furutaka-class
1.12 2.1
Tone-class Kai
Myoukou-class Kai Ni
1.44 2.7
Prinz Eugen 1.76 3.3
Others 1.28 2.4
Aviation Cruisers (all) 1.6 3
Battleships Ise-class
2.72 5.1
3.2 6
Bismarck zwei 3.36 6.3
Bismarck drei 3.52 6.6
Vittorio Veneto-class 4.16 7.8
Yamato-class 8 15
Aviation Battleships Ise-class Kai 3.04 5.7
Fusou-class Kai Ni 3.36 6.3
Submarines (all) 0.3 0.8
Submarine Aircraft Carriers I-401 0.8 1.5
Others 0.32 0.6
Seaplane Tenders Chitose-class 1.12 2.1
Akitsushima 1.6 3
Light Aircraft Carriers Houshou 0.96 1.8
Ryuuhou 1.12 2.1
1.28 2.4
Chitose-class Carrier
1.44 2.7
Aircraft Carriers Unryuu-class 1.6 3
Shoukaku-class 2.08 3.9
2.24 4.2
Akagi 2.4 4.5
Kaga 2.56 4.8
Taihou 2.88 5.4
Submarine Tenders Taigei 1.12 2.1
Amphibious Assault Ships Akitsumaru 1.44 2.7
Repair Ships Akashi 1.7 3.3
Training Cruisers Katori 1.12 2.1
Collaboration Ships SS Iona 4.8 9
CA Takao 5.6 10.5
BB Haruna 6.4 12
Type Class Fuel Steel

Full list of rounded ship class cost: Wikiwiki


Example 1: Level 67 Kongou Kai with 41/75 HP (34 damage):

  • Base repair time:
    • [math]67 \times 5 + \lfloor(\sqrt {67 - 11})\rfloor \times 10 + 50 = 335 + 7 \times 10 + 50 = \text {455 seconds}[/math]
  • Repair time:
    • [math]34 \times \text{455 seconds} \times 1.5 + \text{30 seconds} = \text{23235 seconds or 6:27:15}[/math]
  • Resource costs:
    • [math]\lfloor(90 \times 34 \times 0.06)\rfloor = \text{183 steel}[/math]
    • [math]\lfloor(90 \times 34 \times 0.032)\rfloor = \text{97 fuel}[/math]

Example 2: Level 175 Musashi Kai Ni with 1/108 HP (107 damage):

  • Base repair time:
    • [math]175 \times 5 + \lfloor(\sqrt {175 - 11})\rfloor \times 10 + 50 = 750 + 11 \times 10 + 50 = \text {1045 seconds}[/math]
  • Repair time:
    • [math]107 \times \text{1045 seconds} \times 2.0 + \text{30 seconds} = \text{223660 seconds or 62:07:14}[/math]
  • Resource costs:
    • [math]\lfloor(275 \times 107 \times 0.06)\rfloor = \text{1765 steel}[/math]
    • [math]\lfloor(275 \times 107 \times 0.032)\rfloor = \text{941 fuel}[/math]
  • This is the highest in the game currently.