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Bofors 40mm Quad Twin Autocannon Mount

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Bofors 40mm Quad Twin Autocannon Mount

No.173 Bofors 40mm四連装機関砲

Anti-aircraft Point-defense Weapon AA Gun

Effects: Firepower+1 Anti-Air+10 Armor+1 Evasion+2 Accuracy+1

Scrap Value: Ammunition6 Steel1 Bauxite3

Refittable Class
Destroyer Amphibious Assault Ship
Light Cruiser Torpedo Cruiser
Heavy Cruiser Aviation Cruiser
Battleship Aviation Battleship
Fast Battleship Seaplane Tender
Light Carrier Standard Carrier
Armored Carrier Submarine
Submarine Carrier Submarine Tender
Repair Ship Training Cruiser
Fleet Oiler Destroyer Escort



The shipmounted, 40mm Quad Twin Autocannon version of the Nordic created worldwide bestselling anti-air gun. The base version of the gun was considered a masterpiece and as such was adopted by many countries including the enemy forces. Proving to be excellent at short range surface to air fire it was equipped on many US and British Navy vessels as well.



March 2016 Rank Reward for top 500. Stock Equipment of Iowa Kai. Spring 2016 Event E-3 Hard clear reward.

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