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Air Reconnaissance

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Air Reconnaissance is a mechanic introduced with map 6-3 that enables a chance at increased resources from specific nodes with the use of recon planes.


An example of recon nodes on map 6-3
Air recon success shown after boss node win

Air Reconnaissance allows your ships to gather additional resources from specific nodes marked with green lines marked with an X, provided your fleet is equipped with recon planes.

  • An animation will be shown with your recon planes flying to the node. If both Type 2 Flying Boat and other seaplanes are brought, Type 2 Flying Boat animation takes priority.
  • Successful reconnaissance will reward additional resources upon winning with a B rank or higher at the boss node. If your fleet does not go to the boss node, reconnaissance rewards are forfeit.
  • Success and critical success rates are dependent on which ships and what equipments are equipped.
    • AVs have the highest success rates
    • Type 2 Flying Boat has the highest success rates
    • Akitsushima with a Type 2 Flying Boat appears to have the best rates

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