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The shop allows you to buy materials and consumables with DMM Points, and furniture with in-game furniture coins.

  • Furniture box Furniture coins
    • Used for buying furniture for your HQ Office (game main screen background)
    • Is free, drops from some maps, and given regularly on quests
    • Capacity of 200,000 coins. Please take note of this, especially when opening large amounts of furniture boxes, as you will open all boxes of that size at the same time.
  • Consumables such as Instant repair Repair Buckets, Instant construction Instant Construction, and Development material Development Materials are capped at 3,000.
    • Beyond this you will not gain additional resources, even from expeditions or sorties.
If you're looking to buy yourself some in-game items
using real money, see the new Purchasing Guide.

Real Money Shop

Shop Pages

Screenshot 22.jpg The first part (regular corner) of the shop is divided into 3 categories : resources, consumables and recommended items.
Shop2.jpg The second part (special corner) of the shop is accessible by clicking on the arrow at the bottom right of the shop main page.


Icon Effect Price
Fuel.jpg Gives 200 fuel 100
Ammo shop.jpg Gives 200 ammo 100
Steel shop.jpg Gives 150 steel 100
Bauxite shop.jpg Gives 100 bauxite 100


Icon Effect Price
Special order furniture shop.jpg Gives 1 special order furniture worker (required for some furniture purchases). 300
Dev material shop.jpg Gives 7 development materials 500
Instant repair shop.jpg Gives 5 instant repair buckets 300
Instant construction shop.jpg Gives 5 instant construction 300

Recommended Items

Icon Effect Price
Repair member shop.jpg Gives 1 Repair Team 200
Repair goddess shop.jpg Gives 1 Repair Goddess 500
Dock extension set.jpg Gives 1 key (permanently unlocks 1 repair dock OR 1 construction slot OR 1 fleet composition slot), 5 development materials, 5 instant repairs, and 5 instant construction 1000

Please note that there is no warning when using the key. The key is used upon clicking on the repair dock or construction slot unlock button.

Special Corner

Icon Effect Price
Port extension shop.jpg Increases your ship capacity by 10 and your equipment capacity by 40

(can only be bought 16 times)

Papers and ring.png

A set of marriage papers and ring that allows you to marry the ship of your choice

Bargain resources set shop.jpg Gives 1500 steel, 200 ammo, 200 fuel, 200 bauxite and 2 development materials 700
Food set.jpg Gives 1 Food Supply Ship Mamiya (instant fatigue recovery for a whole fleet) 300
Fuel pack shop.jpg Gives 1000 fuel 300
Bauxite pack shop.jpg Gives 550 bauxite 300
Bargain sortie set shop.jpg Gives 500 fuel, 500 ammo, 200 steel and 2 instant repairs 300

Furniture Shop

See main article: Furniture.

The furniture shop is where you can spend your furniture coins to purchase furniture that you can use to decorate your office. Some items of furniture require a Furniture Fairy which are rewards from a few quests and events, and can be bought with DMM points from the item shop.

  • This Furniture viewer (JP) will allow you to preview many furniture items available in game.

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