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Seasonal/Winter 2017

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Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Asakaze Play 旗風? そういえば見てないわね。あのコ、冬が苦手だから。暖かくなったら、そのうち出てくるわよ。え、違う? Hatakaze? Now that you mention it, I haven't seen her. She doesn't handle winter well. She'll come out eventually when it gets warmer. Huh, she won't?
Mutsuki Play 睦月の季節にゃしぃ~♪提督、如月ちゃん、みんな、張り切ってまいりましょ~♪お~! Yay, it's my season~! Admiral, Kisaragi, everyone, let's get pumped up! Woohoo!
Yayoi Play 卯月…無事でよかった…。ぇ…そうなの?心配いらないって…っむ…あ…怒ってなんか、ないよ。ちょっとだけ…しか… I'm glad you're alright, Uzuki... Oh, is that so? "Don't worry", you say... Grr... Ah, I'm not angry. Okay... maybe a little...
Uzuki Play ぷっぷくぷ~!ちょこっと苦手な冬も、余裕でクリアしたっぴょん!てひひ♪弥生は心配しすぎっぴょん♪ Tee-hee-hee~! Winter was giving me a bit of a hard time, but I still cleared it without breaking a sweat! Tee-hee ♪ You worry too much, Yayoi. ♪
Akebono Play あ~~もうクソ提督!!寒いからって部屋の中でゴロゴロすんな!!シャキっと働けよッ!!マジで! Oh goddamnit, you shitty Admiral! Don't curl up in your room just because it's cold outside!! Get to work already!! Seriously!
Ushio Play 冬はやっぱり寒いですね。そうだ、今晩はお鍋にしませんか?私、準備しますね。ふふっ。 Winter really is cold, don't you agree? Hey, how about some hotpot tonight? I'll go get things ready. Hehe.
Shigure Play さすがに冬は寒いね…。あ…提督の手も冷えてるね。そうだね。暖炉ではやく温まろう。 As expected, winter is cold... Oh... Admiral, your hands are freezing as well, aren't they? I thought so. Let's warm them up quickly at the stove.
Yuudachi Play 冬は寒いっぽい…仕方ないっぽい…。コタツに潜っても、いいっぽい? Winter is, like, so cold... Oh well... Can I, like, curl up under the kotatsu?
Yamakaze Play さむい…なんかさむい…。あの白いものは…?雪?提督、わたし…少し、さむい。 Cold... It's kinda cold... What's that white stuff? Snow? ...Admiral, I'm a little... cold.
Kazagumo Play う~…最近寒~い。わたし、冬は少し苦手~。なんか、上着とか着よっかな~。提督、聞いてる? Ugh, it's just so coooold these days. I don't really like winter. Hmm, I should probably put a coat on or something. Admiral, are you listening?
Okinami Play 司令官、寒いですね。コタツをご用意したので、是非こちらにどうぞ。暖かいですよね。わたしも好きなんです、コタツ♪うふふ♪ Commander, it's cold, isn't it? I put out the kotatsu, so feel free to join me. It's warm, right? I like it too. Kotatsu ♪ Tee-hee ♪
Libeccio Play ちょっと寒くなーい?日本の冬って、こんなに寒いんだぁ~… うーぶるぶるー。え?キヨシー?なに?こ…タツ?わぁ、あったかーい!これ、いいじゃなーい! Isn't it a little cold here? Japanese winters really are cold. Brrrrr... Oh? Kiyoshi? What is it? Ko... ta... tsu? Woah, it's so warm! This is great! Kiyoshi = Kiyoshimo

Light Cruisers

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Yura Play 提督さん、季節は冬です…ね?お餅焼きませんか?太っちゃう…かなぁ? Admiral, it's winter, so... shall we grill some mochi? They won't make me fat... right?