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Sandbox/Summer 2019 E-3

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Sandbox Rules

This sandbox is to be used to construct an event guide for the above mentioned event map. These guides are to all of the following requirements:

  • List of branching unlocking requirements (If there are multiple requirements, compositions for each path along with the below requirements will be needed to discuss the unlocking requirements in question)
  • A list of working compositions that work: (These must have possible alternatives for players who may or may not have all ships needed for a specific path)
  • The Path said composition will take (To explain what path the composition will take)
  • A summary or description of what kind of obstacles a composition will face.
  • A description of the boss node, what it consist and a descriptive guide on what the player should consider for a course of action to successfully win the battle.
  • (Optional) Tips to farm to take path to collect certain ships (This will also require a composition, path, and possible description.

Editors are to construct thier own version of thier guide and complete them in a timely fashion.

No other editors are to allowed to edit over other editor's work without the full consent of the editor and his approval to do so.

Several version will be constructed through this page and will be reviewed and approved by the staff/ collaboration committee before being moved for the Event Page Sandbox which it'll be reviewed and updated once more before it can be released.

Overall there will be 3 version of the guide that will be constructed which will include:

  • Preliminary Guide
  • Polished Guide
  • Finalized Guide

With each approval of each version the guide, the said guide will be updated to the main page and construction of the next version will begin.

All guides outside of the approved version will be removed and work will begin from the approved version to make it better for the next version until the finalized version is made.

Generic Guide 101

E-3 is not a difficult map (merely tedious), and the shiplock only applies on Hard Difficulty. Nevertheless, there are multiple phases to the map that must be tackled sequentially.


  • You have access to all 3 LBAS bases.
  • The range to the P1 boss (Node J) is 8.
  • The range to the P2 boss (Node U) is 7.
  • The range to Nodes O & T (required for unlocks) is 8.
  • The range to Node F (New Submarine Hime node) is 4.

Ship Bonuses

  • Mapwide:
    • German, Italian, US: 1.1x
    • British: 1.15x
  • Node J
    • German, US: 1.1x
    • Italian: 1.2x
    • British: 1.25x
  • Node U (Boss)
    • German - 1.1x
    • Italian - 1.15x
    • US - 1.25x
    • British - 1.3x
  • Node U (Boss) - Second Start Point Unlocked
  • Node U (Boss) - Second Start Point Unlocked & Last Dance Debuff (vs Anzio & Anchorage Hime only)

Part 1: Destroying Anchorage Water Demon (Vacation Mode)

The most straightforward phase of the map. A Fast Surface Task Force fleet with 2FBB and no CVs (CVL allowed, but no more than 3 BBs+CVLs) will give you the fastest route to the boss.

  • Route: AFIJ
  • Nelson, if used (ideally with an RE slot), will require a speed boost set-up (turbine+boiler).
    • Nelson Touch may be used to help with pre-boss clear rate at Node I, or to clear the boss fleet at Node J. Pick your poison.
  • LBAS: 4 bombers on 2 bases to boss (Node I), 4 ASW (ideally Toukai) on 1 base to node F to help with pass rate.
  • Anchorage Summer Hime is weak against T3 Shell (1.45x), M4A1 DD from Summer E2H
    • Kai Ni Asashio-class DDs with DA set-up and/or AVs with M4A1 DD anti-installation set-up can 'nuke' and kill Anchorage Hime with ease.

Part 2: Unlocking the Second Boss Node (U)

  • A rank Node O Twice
    • Route: A-F-G-M-N-O
  • Use the Carrier Task Force fleet for this unlock. And bring at least 2 CV for the path
    • Have a DD set for PT Imp killer in Escort
    • Only A rank needed so load up with Anti-Installation equipment to kill off the Installation to secure an A rank.
    • CA Hime does not need to die so focus on killing everyone else to secure the A-rank
  • S rank Node E Once
    • Route: A-B-D-E
    • Use Single Fleet to reach node E
    • Recommended Fleet: 3 BB, 2 CV, 1 DD
      • Usage of Nelson is recommended as her Touch will make node E easier
  • S rank Node K once
    • Route: A-F-G-M-L-K
    • Fleet Recommendation: 2 BB, 2 CV(B), 1 CA(V), 1 AV + 1 Cl, 3 DD, 1 CLT, 1 CA
      • If you lack Toukai, Equip anti Submarine Equip on your ship to increase pass rate against sub Hime
  • The node is easy enough for you to S rank without a problem once you get there
  • Obtain 2 AS land base defense
    • Set-Up All 3 of your land base with Interceptors, Land Base Fighters, and any good fighter to get AS

Part 3: Unlocking the Second Start Point

  • AS at Node D
    • Route: A-B-D
    • Sortie a single fleet with 320+ Fighter Power to the Node
  • A rank at node T twice, and AS node N
    • Route: A-F-G-N-T
    • Fleet Recommendation: 2CV, 1 BB,3 SSV + 1 Cl, 2 DD, 1 CLT, 3 SS
      • Use of Taigei is also acceptable
      • Have your SSV in the main fleet carry SPF to help secure enough Fighter Power for AS
      • This composition will allow you to get to node T for an A-rank but also AS Node N along the way
  • AS Land Base Defense
    • Load all 3 of your land base and set them to defense and get AS there.
    • Best way to get it is to you use single fleet and sortie to Node E and wait till Air raid to occur
  • A rank the boss node twice, and AS Node R
    • Route: A-F-G-M-L-K-R-U
    • This route will force you to incurred some ammo penalty when you reached the boss
    • Fleet Recommendation: 2BB, 1-2AV, 2CV, 0-1 CL/CA + 1 CL, 2 CA, 1 CLT, 2 DD
      • The CL in the main fleet if the use should be set up to'nuke' the installation such as Supply Depot Hime
      • Make sure your fighter power is about 380+ to both AS the boss and node R
  • Once completed, all ships will get an additional 1.07x damage modifer against the boss fleet in Node U.

Part 4: Chip Anzio Hime until LD Range

  • Make use of CTF fleet after you finished with
  • Route: D-F-G-M-L-K-R-U
    • Recommended Fleet: 2 BB, 2 CV, 1-2 AV, 0-1 CL + 1 CL, 2-3 DD, 2 CA, 0-1 CLT
  • Set up your fleet so that you can use Nelson Touch with AV in 3rd slot and CL in 5th slot for touch
    • Have your AV and CL run with SPF, wg42, Kami Tank, Marine Daihatsu
  • Land Base Recommendation
    • Base 1: Range 7 Fighter, 3 LBAA Bombers
    • Base 2: Range 7 Fighter, 3 LBAA Bombers
    • Base 3: 4x Toukai or how much anti Sub planes you can use
      • You are sending this base to Node F to deal with New Submarine Hime

Part 5: Debuffing the Boss (once HP bar is within LD range ONLY)

  • Note For Hard Mode, make sure your land base value to be at least 1365 for defense.
    • Also take into account that your FP will be penalised against the new bombers if you have any fewer than 2 jet interceptors in your LBAS.
    • With 2 jet interceptors, there is a slight bonus 1.1x multiplier instead.
    • If your land base total Fighter Power for defense is below this value, ignore this debuff
    • Hardest Air Raids locked in LD

  • S rank Node E once:
    • It's the same fleet you use in Part 2 to Unlock node U
  • A rank Node J once:
    • Sortie a Single Fleet of 3BB, 3CV to Node J
    • If use Nelson Touch, use the Touch skill at Node I to make passing that node easier due to CV Hime
  • A rank Node O and AS node H
    • Sortie an STF with 4 BB 1 CV, 1 XX + 1 CL, 2 DD, 3 XX to Node O
    • You can recycle the same fleet you use for Node O when you were doing the unlocking for Node U
  • E-3 debuffs Mods
    • German - 1.1x
    • Italian - 1.15x
    • US - 1.25x
    • British - 1.3x
    • Shortcut Mod - 1.07x
    • 1.15x (vs Anzio Princess and Anchorage Water Demon only)