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User:Totaku/Thank You Ayaka Imamura for your hard work!

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Ayaka Imamura banner.png

Greeting everyone!

It's been a good while since I last conducted a blog here regarding an important announcement, but with the recent events happening in KanColle this subject felt like it needed to be brought to attention to those that didn't catch wind of this.

As of June 29th, 2018 it has been announced from the Voice Acting Agency With Line that the Seiyuu Ayaka Imamura has announced her retirement from voice acting due to health reasons.[1]

There is not much known regarding what her health issues are, but for her to result in retirement suggest that it is rather serious.

Shortly after the announcement, the KanColle Devs later release an announcement on their twitter reconfirming Ayaka Imamura's retirement and later mentioned the Kanmusus she had voiced. [2].

Ayaka Imamura voiced the kanmusus I-13, I-14, I-400, Sado, and Tsushima.

As of current, the Devs also announced that they will not be changing the voices of any of the Kanmusu she voiced. [3]

As for now, in regards of her voices lines, there is a possibility some voice lines for certain seasonal and other stuff may have been recorded in advance so it may be possible to see more lines for some of the Kanmusus she voice that she completed prior to her retirement.

Otherwise, as of now, we at the EN KanColle wiki want to wish Ayaka Imamura the best of luck and to also thank you very much for your hard and bring the voices of I-13, I-14, I-400, Sado, and Tsushima to life.

And to the rest of everyone reading this, let us keep going as we set sail and Carve Victory to the Dawn's Horizon!

- Totaku, Lead Editor