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Spring 2018 Food Collection Mini-Event

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The Food Collection Mini-Event is an mini-event that began on May 15th, 2018. The Event is will last until Mid-June of 2018.This event is being used as a filler event since there will be no Spring 2018 Event as the KanColle Dev Team are currently working on implementing features for Phase 2. The theme of this event will involve collecting Rice, Umeboshi, Nori, and Tea to make various meal sets as like what has been done in the Naval District Saury Festival

This mini-event can also double as a tie-in collaboration with the Mitsukoshi 5th Anniversary Event which is also selling Kancolle themed Onigiri and Umeboshi.

How to Obtain

In this mini-event, you will be collecting a total of up to 4 items across all the normal water map locations. These items consist of the following:

  1. Rice
  2. Umeboshi
  3. Nori
  4. Tea

You will be using these items to make food that will be needed to complete quests and to exchange for various resources and other items over the duration the of the mini event.

To be able to locate the food items you will need to go to various various maps that drop them. In order to improve your chances of earning these food item, you will need to organize a fleet in the following conditions:

  • Light Cruisers, Training Cruisers and Seaplane Tenders to be places in the flagship position (posiiton 1 in the composition).
  • Destroyers and Escorts to be placed in the Escort position (position 2-6 in the composition)
  • Using Ssp c.pngSkilled Lookouts, Searchlight.pngSearchlights and Ration.pngBattle Rations will also aid in helping you collect the food items.

It's been confirmed that an A or S rank is needed for a chance of these food items to drop.

Be advised, it is possible to Overfarm the items resulting in the items dropping less, if they began to appear less frequently, please go to another location to collect food.

Drop Locations

All food drop locations are located in the boss nodes unless otherwise stated. Drop location include all limited time drop location and the final limited time drop update as of June 9, 2018.

Drop Locations

Food World 1 World 2 World 3 World 4 World 5 World 6
1-3 1-4 1-5 1-6 2-3 2-4 2-5 3-2 3-3 3-4 3-5 4-1 4-2 4-3 4-4 4-5 5-1 5-2 5-3 5-4 5-5 6-1 6-2 6-3 6-4 6-5
B, J D, G, H, I, N, O, P, J I, J, L C, H I, G D, H, I, N,E C, F, K D, I M, I G, H I, M I, D F, K H, O E, G, K, N H, J, K E, K E', F, K J, M
F, H, K, I, J D, H, N M M I, D E, G, N F J
B D, G, H, N, P, J F K E
J I, O F I G, H J

Limited-Time Ship Drops

Fukae, the newest Kaiboukan.

It has been noted that various DE will drop during the mini-event. Most of the drop locations are the same as they have been in previous mini events. There is also the new DE Fukae who will drop for a limited period of time.

Spring 2018 Limited-Time Ship Drops

All DE drop locations are located in boss nodes unless otherwise stated.

Making Meals

When you obtain enough of the food items needed to make specific food, you will can exchange them for various resources. You will also need to do these exchanges these to complete the event quests.

There 4 options of preparing food which includes Onigiri, High-Class Onigiri, Ochazuke or Japanese Meal Set

Food Preparing
Items Needed Exchange Rate Reward
x5 Rice
Food Trade 1.png x1 Battle Rations
High-Class Onigiri
x6 Rice
x2 Umeboshi
x3 Nori
Food Trade 2.png x3 Development Material
x3 Improvement Material
x8 Rice
x3 Umeboshi
x3 Nori
x4 Tea
Food Trade 4.png x2 Irako
x2 Development Materials
x2 Instant Repair
x1 Improvement Material
Japanese Meal Set
x9 Rice
x5 Umeboshi
x6 Nori
x7 Tea
x1 Canned Saury
Food Trade 3.png x1 Houshou's Meal Ticket
x1 Mamiya

Regarding Houshou's Meal Ticket

Houshou's Dinner Ticket.png

With the Housou Meal Ticket you will be given the option to select 1 of the possible items noted below with your Meal Ticket:

  • x3 Mamiya
  • Prototype Flight Deck Catapult (x 300 Instant Construction required) (Note: Limited to 3)
  • x2 Medals
  • x9 Improvement Materials
Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Houshou 提督、いつもお疲れ様です。 Good work as always, admiral. When using her dinner ticket


During the time of the Food Collection Mini Event, there will be a list of limited time quests that you can complete while the event is active. The following quests are as followed based on the year the event was held:

Food Collection Quests

ID Prereq. Quest Name (Original)
Quest Name (Translated)
Description Rewards Note
Fuel Ammunition Steel Bauxite Other
FE1 主計科任務【おにぎりを作る!】
Accounting Department Mission: "Time to make Onigiri!"
Accounting Department Mission: Let's cook the rice we gathered and make onigiri.

Onigiri on a sea trip... yummy!

  • Collect 5 Rice and make an Onigiri
  • Activate the quest when you make the Onigiri to count
200 0 0 0 x2 Development Materials Choose one of the following Rewards
x1 Searchlight
x2 Improvement Materials
One time only.

FE2 FE1 主計科任務【おにぎりを振舞おう!】
Accounting Department Mission: "Treat everyone to some Onigiri!"
Accounting Department Mission: Cook lots of rice and make three new Onigiri, I guess.

And treat everyone in the arsenal, I suppose!

  • Collect 15 Rice and make 3 Onigiri
  • Activate the quest when you make the Onigiri to count
0 300 0 0 Choose one of the following Rewards
x1 Type 2 Flying Boat
x1 Toku Daihatsu
x1 61cm Triple (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model
3 Battle Rations will be consumed upon the completion of this quest
One time only.

FE3 FE1 主計科任務【高級おにぎりを作る!】
Accounting Department Mission: "Time to make high-class Onigiri!"
Accounting Department Mission: Let's use delicious rice, Umeboshi and Nori to make high-class rice balls.

Carefully crafted Onigiri, made with nice ingredients... delicious! It's so delicious, admiral!

  • Collect 6 Rice, 2 Umeboshi and 3 Nori to make High-Class Onigiri
  • Activate the quest when you make the High Class Onigiri to count
0 0 400 0 Choose one of the following Rewards
x1 Skilled Lookouts
x2 12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher
x7 Instant Repair
One time only.

Accounting Department Mission: Here, have some high-class rice balls as a token of gratitude!
Oh right, admiral, I've got a nice idea! Let's make a bunch of these delicious high-class Onigiri and treat the tech staff to some! What do you think, Kaga?

(※ Let's make two more high-class Onigiri)

  • Collect 12 Rice ,4 Umeboshi, and 6 Nori and make 2 High-Class Onigiri
  • Activate the quest when you make the High Class Onigiri to count
0 0 0 500 Choose one of the following Rewards
x3 Type 52 Zero Fighter
x2 Shiden Kai 2
x1 New Type Aviation Materials
Choose one of the following Rewards
x1 Furniture Fairy
x1 Reinforcement Expansion
Quest Description spoken by Akagi
One time only.

FE5 FE3 主計科任務【お茶漬けを作る!】
Accounting Department Mission: Time to make ochazuke!
Accounting Department Mission: Use rice, Umeboshi, Nori and of course decent tea to make ochazuke.

Whether it's for dinner or after downing a few glasses, ochazuke goes well with either and is just perfect, don't you think?

  • Collect 8 Rice, 3 Umeboshi, 3 Nori, 4 Tea and make Ochazuke.
  • Activate the quest when you make the Ochazuke to count
500 0 0 0 Choose one of the following Rewards
x1 Canned Saury
x7 Improvement Materials
x1 61cm Quad (Oxygen) Torpedo Mount Late Model
One time only.

主計科任務 【お茶漬け、夜食にどうぞ!】
Accounting Department Mission: "Here, have some ochazuke for supper!"
Accounting Department Mission: Ōyo-- I mean, the mission girl and A-- uh, the item shop owner are always doing so much for us, so how about we treat them to some delicious ochazuke as a late-night snack?

(So let's make two servings of ochazuke, alright?)

  • Collect 16 Rice, 6 Umeboshi, 6 Nori, 8 Tea and make 2 Ochazuke.
  • Activate the quest when you make the Ochazuke to count
0 0 500 0 Choose one of the following Rewards
x1 Canned Saury
x1 Reinforcement Expansion
Choose one of the following Rewards
x1 Canned Saury
x1 Type 3 Depth Charge Launcher (Concentrated Deployment)
Quest Description spoken by Yura
One time only.

FE7 FE5 主計科任務 【海苔巻きを作ろう!】
Accounting Department Mission: Let's Make Nori Rolls!
Accounting Department Mission: Nope, can't stock up on saury cans this time! ...Don't worry! If you gather 12 rice and 6 Nori for airplane lunch box Nori rolls, the budget bureau will exchange that for saury cans!
  • Collect 12 Rice and 6 Nori
300 300 0 0 x1 Canned Saury
Choose one of the following Rewards
x1 12cm 30-tube Rocket Launcher
x1 25mm Triple Autocannon Mount
※ Required Food is consumed upon completion of quest
One time only.

FE8 FE5 主計科任務 【和定食膳を作って完食!】
Accounting Department Mission: Make a Japanese set meal and eat up!
Accounting Department Mission: We've finally reached the climax of the accounting department missions. Let's mobilise all the ingredients we've got and make a Japanese set meal!

And for those ship girls who think it's delicious but just not enough we also make three additional Onigiri! Eat up!

  • Collect 24 Rice, 5 Umeboshi,6 Nori, 7 Tea, 1 Canned Saury and make 1 Japanese Meal Set and 3 Onigiri
  • Activate the quest when you make the Japanese Meal Set and Onigiri to count.
500 500 500 500 x1 Type 2 Depth Charge
x1 "Eat Up" Scroll
One time only.

主計科拡張任務 【日の丸弁当、量産!】
Accounting Department Extra Mission: "Rising Sun Lunch Boxes for everyone!"
Accounting Department Extra Mission: "Rising Sun Lunch Boxes for everyone!"

Use lots of rice and umeboshi to make a large batch of Rising Sun lunch boxes for everyone at Akashi's arsenal! And don't forget the tea! Also, equip your destroyer secretary with a rocket launcher in her 1st slot and a Type 2 Depth Charge in another... okay nanodesu?

0 1000 0 0 Prototype 15cm Nonuple ASW Rocket Launcher Quest Description spoken by Inazuma
※ Required Food is consumed upon completion of quest.
One time only.

Overall you will need a Grand total of 148 Rice, 35 Umeboshi, 30 Nori, 29 Tea to complete the entire quest line.

These quests will only be available for the duration of the Food Collection Mini-Event; once the event is over, these quests will no longer be accessible.



  • When using Battle Rations plan carefully what map you use them on. It's recommended to use them on maps where you're fleet will only travel 2 regular nodes before reaching the boss node. (I.E: 1-4, 2-2, 2-3, 2-5, 3-2, 4-2, 5-4 to name a few).
    • Using them on maps with 3 nodes before the boss will risk having the ration be consumed
  • Since rice is an item you are bound to collect in very large amounts, it's quite possible to reach 99 of them over the time of this mini event resulting in reaching it's hard cap. Thus making any rice you gather after that useless
    • Consider making some rice into Onigiri so that you don't waste any additional rice you gain while collecting food
  • Always remember to cook all your food before the end of the mini-event as food will disappear once the event ends.
  • Houshou's Meal Tickets will last for sometime before the expire following the event. So weigh your options before deciding on which meal ticket item you want to earn.